Defamation2GO is an affordable, online legal service assisting victims of cyber-bullying, verbal or written defamation and/or slander.

Defamation occurs when a person spreads or situates information, intentionally, about another person, resulting in others thinking less of the victim. The particular statement can be considered defamatory depending on the circumstances of the situation, however, defamatory statements can include;
- Damaging of reputation
- Becoming the source of a joke

From our experience, negativity posted online including; slanderous comments or defamatory social media posts are withdrawn upon receiving a legal letter. These are known as a Concerns Notice or a Cease and Desist Letter.

Regardless of how sizeable the issue may be, persons whom post defamatory comments should be held accountable. A legal request toward a person to Cease and Desist forming defamatory comments or negative remarks on social media, is very persuasive, particularly from a respected law firm.

At Defamation2GO, we understand many people do not have money on hand to pay lawyers fees, even when victimised. Defamatory comments verbal and online can negatively affect your life, career and reputation. We understand this and offer an affordable solution by sending the initial and final demand for defamation to cease.

If you are a victim of defamation and/or slanderous comments, Defamation2GO will offer you low cost options to suit your situation. We are a professional law firm, where our qualified and experienced lawyers will draft a Concerns notice unique to your situation. We will also post or personally serve it on to the offending person.

Nothing is hidden with Defamation2GO. You are of the foremost importance and we strive for a successful outcome to all defamatory situations.