Defamation can take many forms, below are just some examples of the wide variety of defamation cases there have been:

False Google Reviews

A false and misleading Google review was placed on our client’s Google page.  Our client took a screen print of the offending review and contacted Defamation2GO.

Defamation2GO issued a Concerns Notice and demanded the offender to remove the false information and issue an apology to our client.  Upon receiving the Concerns Notice the offender removed their review, and 1 month later posted a written apology detailing their retraction of all the false information they posted.

This was an excellent outcome for our client, who described this experience as, “Money well spent to protect my business’ reputation”.

Rebel Wilson case

Good on Rebel for standing up for herself and setting the precedent that no one should ever be defamed. Rebel won her case against ‘bully’ magazine publisher Bauer Media. She was the victim of a series of grubby and completely false articles published by the media giant.

Defamation2GO wasn’t involved in this case but this case highlights to the world that defamation is a serious issue that should never be taken lightly or be accepted across all cultures.

Social Media’s Dark Side

Social Media and Facebook in particular, can have enormous effects on individuals, especially children who are using these sites without parent supervision. Bullying and defamation are all very common on social media and can have huge psychological affects on children in particular that may not have had previous exposure to this type of bullying and defamation. The harsh reality is that people have taken their own lives due to others terrorising them across social media channels. All negative or defamatory comments made on social media channels should never be posted but since there is no way of stopping the posts being made, Defamation2GO is working to help prevent these comments continuing. If you know any cases of these negative and defamatory comments being made make sure you get in contact with us today so we can take immediate action.