Cyber Bullies Need To Know They Can’t Hide

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Do you think you can hide behind the screen of your device, send hurtful messages and get away with it? We live in a day and age where technology is intended to makes our lives easier, however, depending on how you use it, technology can make your life, and the lives of others so much more difficult.

Shockingly in 2017 in Australia, it was reported by the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner that 19% of children claimed that they had been a victim to cyber bullying whilst only 3.5% admitted to being the bully of such crimes.

Cyberbullying is a more common issue than often perceived and can affect anyone that has access to a device and social media. Primary school children, high school children, adults, professionals, celebrities, politicians and even businesses have been victims to cyberbullying. This is a vital concern to be discussed, as it has an emotional effect and even in some cases, an economic effect on the victim.

The issue of cyberbullying is becoming more and more prevalent as more people are gaining access to the internet, reducing the divide between individuals and communities.

Deleting posts will not entirely remove them from the internet, as once “it’s out it can’t come back”. The digital trace of posts will never truly disappear. Accordingly, the online community must learn to respect the risk attached to posting online, especially salacious, defamatory comments. Using Facebook as an example, deleting something, though it will be removed from yours and your Facebook friends feed, it will remain within the servers. Furthermore, screenshots taken by the victim will provide the proof necessary in defamation cases.

So you may feel safe clicking that little ‘x’ button on the top right hand corner, but know that whatever you thought you deleted will forever be alive and accessible if need be.

So what do you do if you think you’re being cyberbullied? Act on it immediately!

Screenshot is your best friend when it comes to reporting an incident. The Australian Cybercrime online Reporting Network (ACORN) give you the power to report a cybercrime if the crime breaches the Australian Law. Report the crime at:

If you believe that a minor (child under the age of 18) has become a victim to cyber bullying, you can report the incident to The Office of the eSafety Commissioner at:

Another great option is Defamation2Go which is an affordable legal service that will send out a concerns notice to the person whom is bullying the victim. This legal statement is a highly effective way of ceasing bulling actions. You can lodge an online form at:

If you’re a bully and you’re reading this, hopefully you realise that the screen you hide behind isn’t a shield, it’s a camera ready for your mugshot. Smile! Cyber bullying is a crime and breaches the Australian law, do you want to label yourself a criminal?

Defamation2GO assists those that have been the victim of Cyber-Bullying, Verbal, Email or Written Defamation and/or Slander, at an affordable price. To issue a concerns notice and fight for your reputation, you can do so here.