Why should I bother with a cease and desist letter when it’s not legally binding?

A cease and desist letter is a step that we highly recommend you take before participating in legal action. The reason we suggest this is you will save a countless amount of time and money if the letter is effective. If the letter does not produce the desired result you can still use it in a legal setting as evidence. By sending this letter, you are sending a clear warning to the defendant.

Do I have a case?

If you are unsure about the validity of your case and whether it constitutes defamation, read our case studies. Or you can contact us directly about your reservations and someone from our team of lawyers will be in touch.

What do I do if they don’t cease and desist?

If this is the case and you wish to take legal action we suggest you request immediate action with us, we will provide you experienced legal advice for a low cost. This will give you an idea of your options and what we can help you with.

What does ‘Personal Service’ entail, why is it so much more expensive?

We offer a Personal Service where your Cease and Desist letter will be personally delivered to the defendant, we find this service creates a formality to the situation that results in higher compliance. We charge for what a process server would cost for this personal service.