How do unfair reviews hurt your business?

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In the digital age, leaving a review for a business is such a brainless task for anyone who can write. Go on TripAdvisor, write a few words and click submit – it’s as simple as that!

Electronic word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of advertising nowadays. Positive reviews can lead your business to success but bad reviews can be a total nightmare, especially unfair ones that don’t do you justice.

According to a study of UK companies that had to cope with reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor and negative customer comments on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, an unjust negative online review can cost a business as much as £30,000 annually.

The study also reported that out of 1,000 business owner respondents, 51% had received unfair reviews or reputation-ruining negative comments from “trolls” with 14% of them admitting that they didn’t know how to handle these malicious reviews.

If unfair, negative reviews are not taken care of your business could face serious consequences:

You’ll get yourself into a vicious cycle of losing customers

Ratings are a crucial feature on review platforms. Imagine your target customers are searching for a dinner spot on any platform that sorts restaurants by the accumulated ratings of reviews. Every malicious negative review lowers your rank and eventually you may lose the opportunity to your competitors. If that customer had a wonderful time and received excellent service there, they’ll give another good review to your competitor while your business continues to suffer on the platform.

One unfair review will attract tons of negative reviews

Upset customers are more likely to publicise their experience when they see a really bad review online. They are no longer the “outlier” who attacks your business out of all the positive feedbacks. Other fake negative reviews or “trolls” may also be attracted to your business. The worst comes to journalists who are at risk of libel and defamation when reporting on stories that involve hot topics such as discrimination, which results in the negative publicity going viral.

The reputation attack will not stop on one site.

If unfair reviews are not addressed immediately, one malicious review on one site may snowball into an uncontrollable situation. If that review goes viral, people will start commenting beyond that website and attack your business all over social media and the internet, or even your storefront.

The issue of unfair reviews is very common yet often overlook by businesses. If your company is facing this problem, taken action before it is all too late!

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