Issue a Concerns Notice

Through issuing a Concerns Notice you are embarking on the first and most likely last step of your battle against defamation. A Concerns Notice informs the recipient of the severity of defamation, reminding them that if they do not immediately cease and desist, legal action may be taken against them.

A Concerns Notice has the ability to bypass all potential expensive legal fees. Despite the affordably low price of $90.00 + GST & Postage, we guarantee the service you receive is of the highest quality. Once the form below has been completed to the best of your ability, our team of experienced lawyers will prepare a Concerns Notice tailor made for your situation.

Immediately after payment is confirmed, your Concerns Notice will be dispatched to the offender. You will be one step closer to justice. Within 7 days you will personally receive via email a copy of the Concerns Notice, along with the Registered Post Confirmation Number. For anyone requiring a Personal Service rather than registered post, an additional cost of $165 will be accrued.

Through submitting this form, you are guaranteeing your request for a Concerns Notice. It is simple to fill out and the data you have entered is completely secure. By clicking “Submit” you are confirming you are aware of the $90.00 + GST & Postage service fee.

You can fight defamation and defend your reputation. Complete the form below to Issue a Concerns Notice and together we will end it.

If you are satisfied as to the accuracy of your data entered, and you guarantee that the request for issuing a Concerns Notice is bonafide and is not frivolous or vexatious in any way, – please press the “Submit” button. By clicking on the “Submit” button, you state that you understand that there is a fee for this service of $90.00 + GST+postage.