We offer small, medium and large business owners Confidentiality & Privacy Agreements  specific to their businesses, to protect you from negative review and social media postings.  This will be an agreement drafted by our lawyers distinctive to the products and services you provide to your customers.

Your customers will be required to sign this agreement, in exchange for your goods and services.  Following your business dealings, if your customer has any grievances, the signed agreement ensures that they contact you and they are restrained from going to social media or review platforms.

Should the customer break this agreement and post anything negative about your business or staff online, you have immediate legal recourse to file against them for damages.  In the event that a negative posting is made by a customer who signed your agreement, you must immediately contact Defamation2GO by completing the “Breach Agreement Form”, uploading the original signed agreement, pay the required fee, and Defamation2GO will immediately issue a legal breach notice on the offender.


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Please note: It is important you fill out as much information as possible and upload any supporting documents. The fee will be required at this stage. Defamation2GO will then proceed to draft a Confidentiality & Privacy Agreement to protect your business.

You can fight harmful reviews and defend your reputation.  Together we can put a stop to it once and for all.