This has to stop!!

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The internet has brought us closer social connections than we have ever had, but it has also made us more vulnerable and susceptible to trolls and bullies. It’s not uncommon to see people get mocked on Facebook or Twitter for something trivial or minor. Defamation is everywhere and can affect your personal life, your career and your reputation as a whole.

We are usually exposed to bullying from a young age. Everyday hundreds of young Australians are bullied online and are the subject of defamation, just hoping that the terrible things they are experiencing will soon stop. However, defamation can be a never-ending story and can follow you for your entire life.

This has to stop!

Such negative behaviour has to stop. Any form of bullying and mocking, whether it be online or in person, causes grief and irreparable harm to thousands of individuals daily. When it comes to bullying, action needs to be taken and bullies need to know they are accountable for their actions.

First of all, you should not remain quiet or suffer in silence. Take action and don’t accept the way other people treat you. You should confront the slander in a calm and friendly manner, or try and avoid it all together. There are protocols for blocking people on social media, however we do know that this is not always an option. Additionally, family, friends and teachers are there to help, and offer great support during tough times. They know how to act in these circumstances and will help you overcome the feelings you are experiencing.

If further action is necessary and defamation has occurred, we recommend you seek professional support from specialised, defamation lawyers. Defamation lawyers have extensive experience in matters of bullying and know exactly how to handle this situation, solving the very sensitive issue and holding the perpetrators responsible.

There must be justice!

Before we start with the professional process there are few steps that must be taken. You should provide as much information about your situation as possible including screenshots of the abuse. This is so we can be fully equipped to achieve the most successful outcome.

Nobody should be mistreated and left behind. We are here to defend your reputation, end this problem of bullying and stop defamation. Defamation2Go is there for you to help with every issue you are struggling with. Let us fight bullying together and build a better world!

Defamation2Go gives you the opportunity to reach out for professional legal advice affordably online. To issue a concerns notice and fight for your reputation, you can do so here.