Why bullying needs to stop in our schools

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When it comes to the matter of bullying, we often hear only the victims and their parents on the subject. I understand that it has dramatic consequences on their life. What is not addressed however, is the dramatic consequences that bullying has upon everyone involved. Bullying needs to stop in our school, for the sake of everyone.

It’s dangerous for the victim’s mental health and future

Bullying can have dramatic consequences on the victim including impacts on mental health, substance use, and suicide. School is the social centre of children’s life, so if they are not comfortable there, the chances are their happiness will be compromised. A bullied child will most likely experience lack of confidence, social anxiety and won’t be comfortable in school, affecting their academic success.

It’s also dangerous for the bully’s mental health and future

Not stopping the bullying behaviour of a child will also have consequences on his own life. If not managed, the bullying issues won’t stop and could induce more social and violent behavioural issues impacting its mental health, future social and professional life. Additionally, if the result of the bullying has strong consequences on the victim’s life, the child will have to grow up facing its own guilt, a very difficult process, also possibly leading to depression, substance abuse and even suicide.

It sets the wrong example of what is acceptable and how to communicate with each other

Bullying doesn’t affect just the bully and the victim, it’s affecting everyone around them. Other kids in school will witness it and could perceive it as being an acceptable form of interaction in our society. Is this how we want to raise our children?

We want our children to learn the notion of respect

School is not just about learning academic content, it’s also where the children learn about life, interact and develop social skills. A lot of life skills are taught in school, such as discipline, sharing, helping others, communication and respect. If we let bullying happening in our schools, it will make the task of teaching them these important values more difficult.

Children need to be in a safe environment to learn

According to a study on the effect of bullying on a student’s performance, bullying is an important issue that can strongly affect performance in school, in a short or long term, and is often overlooked. It can be very difficult for a child to open and communicate in an environment they doesn’t feel safe in which is why it is of the utmost importance we create a safe environment for our kids in our schools.

The future already has plenty of issues that our children will have to face. We need to be sure they will leave school with self-confidence, social and academic skills, and good moral values to be prepare for what will come. Being passive about bullying issues will only harm them and our society as a whole.

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